Pure thermoplastic resin, mixture of Plexisol P 550 and Plexigum 675, lightfast and age resistant.

It is suitable for the conservation and consolidation of ground and paint layers of paintings on canvas and mural paintings, for the treatment of porous materials, such as wood, gypsum, etc. and as a varnish on oil and acrylic paintings.

For the consolidation of paint and ground layers on paintings on canvas, a 5-10% solution in white spirit is used. When highly diluted it does not alter mat paint layers.

For consolidation of chalking paint layers on mural paintings a solution of 3-5% can be applied.

If highly diluted, it tends to deposit after a while. This can be avoided by adding a few drops of toluene.





Butyl methacrylate / i-butyl methacrylate at 40% solids in white spirit 16/18



Glass transition temperature (Tg):





Soluble in white spirit, thinner x, toluene, acetone.

Partially soluble in ethanol, isopropanol.

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LASCAUX ACRYLIC RESIN 550/675-40% GLOSS 1 lt LASCAUX ACRYLIC RESIN 550/675-40% GLOSS 1 lt Add this item to the basket