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Terms of Use and Protection of Personal Data 


GENERAL TERMS  is the first electronic shop of sale of products of  materials and equipment of conservation restoration and preservation of art and objects of historical importance, while it constitutes the electronic presence for company  IN SITU in the Internet - (Name: A. Zafeiropoulou & SIA O.E.), that resides in Thessaloníki, on road  181, Pontou Str. Postal code GR- 551 35, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki . Tel: ++2310251081 / 2310251082  FAX:  ++2310 251083. The network place is an on line service available via the Internet. Agree to use with way reliable with the being in effect legislation and according to the terms that are presented below. 

Using the service, you agree to being and to observe the Terms of Use, as if you had signed this Agreement. 



Recognize that the Service contains information, computational, graphic and other material that is protected from copyrights, signals, commercial secrets and other rights of property and that these rights are valid and protected. You cannot degrade, publish, transport or participate in the transport or sale, create derivative work or exploit at any way partial or total the Content. Is prohibited the partial total reproduction of Content without previous authorization by the intellectual owner.



The given nature and the volume of Internet, under any conditions, included the also case of negligence, nor her collaborators are not persons in charge for any form damage exist the visitor/user of pages, services, what choices and content proceed with his own initiative.
The content are provided "as precisely they are" without no guarantee already expressed or even involving with anyone way. it does not bring no responsibility for the precision, the content and the availability of information that is accessible via the use of his services. The services the are provided without no type guarantee. Agree that the use of service depends at entire on your own responsibility.
In the biggest degree and according to the law, it denies all the guarantees already expressed or even involving, included, no however limited in this, these, what they involve the merchantability and the appropriateness for an aim. it does not guarantee that the pages, the services, the choices and the content will be provided without interruption, without faults and that the errors will be corrected. Also it does not guarantee that  or other related site or servers via that these they are placed in the disposal of virtuous/members, they contain "viruses" or other detrimental components. it does not guarantee in no case the correctness, the plenitude or even availability of content, pages, services, choices or their results.
The cost of potential corrections or services, undertakes also the visitor/user and in no case



The content and the information that is included in constitute a offer to the visitor /user and generally to the community of users of Internet and they are not able in no case they are considered as valid information and/or advices neither conceal in no case any prompt for the enterprise. undertakes the collection, treatment and distribution of his content, without however in no case it guarantees the plenitude, the sufficiency and generally the appropriateness of this and the absence of possibilities of errors very more because his particularly big volume, as well as attendance and third institutions (individual or legal) at the primary production and his collection. Consequently, the visitors/users, using his services with their own initiative, undertake also the relative responsibility of of provided information.



The above terms and conditions of use, as well as their any modification, are conditioned and supplemented by the Greek right, the right of European Union and the relative international conditions.  Any provision of above terms is rendered opposite to the law, ceases ipso jure it is in effect and it is removed from the present, without in no case is offended the force of remaining terms.  The present constitutes the total agreement between the and visitor of/user of pages and his services and does not commit only that them. No modification of this terms will be taken into consideration and it will constitute department of this agreement, if it has not been formulated written and has not been incorporated in this.

Protection of Personal Data


COLLECTION AND USE OF DATA it collects personal given a) when the visitor/user registers himself in the services b) when he uses the products and/or his services and c) when it visits his pages and/or enters in his promotional/advertising programs.
At the registration of visitor of/user in the asked information is the following:  Name, Surname, Road, Number, City, Postal code, Telephone number, Mobile telephone number, Address of electronic post (e-mail). it uses the personal data of visitors of/virtuous/members on three general reasons:
 - the informative support of customers of/his users and the choice of content that to them it offers, so that he is relevant with their general preferences 
 - the satisfaction of each requirements of customers of/his users with regard to the services and the products that are sold from and via 
 - their briefing with regard to new offers of services and products.


CORRECTION AND/OR DELETION OF PERSONAL DATA it gives the right in the users/members to erase their personal data, to correct and/or they inform their personal data and/or their registration, per all time moment, sending email with their demand in


COOKIES it can use cookies for the recognition of visitor of/user of certain services and pages
Cookies they are small files of text that are stored in the hard disk of each visitor of/user and are not informed of any document or file from his computer. They are used only for the facilitation of access of visitor of/user in services and for statistical reasons so that are determined the regions in which the services are useful or popular or for reasons marketing.
The visitor/user can regulate the browser in such a way that it warns him for the use of cookies in services, or to allow the acceptance of use cookies in no case.
In case where the visitor/user of particular services and pages does not wish the use cookies for his recognition he can have further access in this services.



For the concession in the visitor of/user of electronic address for the access in services, are asked the following elements: ¶Name, Surname, Road, Number, City, T.K., Telephone, Year of birth, Profession, Address of electronic post (e-mail).
This elements are not notified in third except the expressly reported exceptions in the present convention, while the holder of electronic address owes to safeguard the secrecy of code of access in this and him to notify in third person. it maintains file with the above electronic addresses and it can dispatch messages informative and economic character in the holders of electronic addresses unless the last ones do not wish such something.

The each use of electronic address from the holder is accompanied by informative note that informs for the protection of elements that dispatches or receives also the confrontation of by any chance problems.


LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES it includes links  to other network places (sites) that they are not checked by but by the third institutions (individual or legal).
In no case it is not accountable for the Terms of Protection of Personal Data of visitors of/users which this institutions follow.



Address IP via which the PC of visitor of/user has access in the Internet and then in is kept for technical reasons and is developed exclusively for the collection of statistical elements.



The management and protection of personal data of visitor of/user of services being in the terms of present department as well as in the relative provisions of Greek legislation (N. 2472/1997 on the protection of individual and the protection of data of personal character as it has been supplemented with the decisions of Chairman of Committee of Protection of Personal Data, the P. D. 207/1998 and 79/2000 and the article of 8 N. 2819/2000 as Law 2774/1999 and European right (directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).
The present terms are formulated taken into consideration of so much rapid growth of technology and more specifically the Internet's what existing - even if not completely developed - mesh of legal regulations with regard to this questions.
In this frame, any potential relative regulation will be the subject of of the present department. In every case the it in maintains right of change of terms of protection of personal given then briefing of visitors of/users and in the existing or even potential legal frame.
If some visitor/user does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data that are fore casted in the present it owes to use the services