Orders and shipping


IN SITU accepts orders via telephone, fax, post and e-mail.


Shipment of merchandises 

Merchandises of value  bigger of 300,00 €, are dispatched free of charge in the county seat of recipient inside greek territory. For merchandises of smaller value is debited sum equivalent of weight of merchandises, boxes of packing and distance of county seat of recipient.


Transport of merchandises 

The merchandises travel on behalf of and with responsibility of purchaser.  

In case of destruction of merchandises during transport, IN SITU does not bring any responsibility.

If it is not declared by the purchaser the preference of way of transport, IN SITU maintains the right to dispatch the merchandises with any way  judges advisable.


Return of merchandises 

The purchaser has the right to return the merchandises in time margin of twenty days from the publication of receipts of sale. After this time limit, returns do not become acceptable.

In every case the returned merchandises should essentially be accompanied from relative considered or stamped (in the case of public services) bulletins of return.



Payments become acceptable via cash, deposit at banking accounts of IN SITU, postal and simple cheques.