About us

Our company constitutes an effort to meet the needs of professionals dealing with the preservation of cultural heritage by providing a broad spectrum of specialized supplies and equipment along with thorough and detailed information on the novelties in the field of art and archaeology conservation.


The lack of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technical needs of contemporary scientific art conservation and the difficulty in finding supplies and equipment of high quality and suitability, has been a market void that we are constantly try to fill, since the very beginning of our business venture.


Since our foundation in 1999, we deal exclusively with the supply of equipment and materials for the conservation, preservation and restoration of antiquities and works of art, as well as with the study, supply and installation of specialized exhibition and storage equipment in museums, libraries, archives and cultural heritage organizations.


Our constant aim is to provide the uppermost quality and reliable services at reasonable cost, in compliance with the scientific specifications and standards issued by internationally acknowledged organizations within the field of cultural heritage conservation and preservation.


Our commitment to serving the art conservation market for more than two decades is demonstrated by the fact that all the major museums, libraries, archives and educational institutes in the broader Mediterranean area, placed confidence in the quality of our products by becoming satisfied and established customers.


Our customer service department is always at your disposal ensuring that all inquiries are met with an efficient and professional response.



Museum and Archive Services