Lascaux Adhesive Wax 443-95 is a compound of a microcrystalline wax and a synthetic polyterpene resin. Both are proven products, widely used in industry. The resin serves as an elastomer and tackifying agent, provides excellent adhesive and bond strength, improves moisture resistance, wet ability, low viscosity and hot tack.

This product is used for all conventional canvas linings, for fibre glass fabric linings where the lining must be totally transparent, and for sandwich linings. Its ease of handling and quick hot-tack make it highly advantageous for bonding jobs and temporary as well as permanent mounting work, such as balsa wood backing, which can easily be disconnected with a hot air gun. Another use is that of facing, both when diluted in solvents or as a solid.

For most jobs, it is best to keep the compound in a liquid state, in a double boiler, at a constant temperature of about 60°C. Apply in the usual way with brush, roller or spatula, as thinly and evenly as possible. A hot air gun may also be used. Optimum results are, of course, obtained on a hot table, at temperature of about 50-60°C. The relatively sharp melting point permits quick bonding, mounting, backing, etc, with excellent adhesion.



Yellowish solid



Melting point:





Soluble in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, turpentine oil, toluene.

Insoluble in alcohol.

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