An urea-aldehyde resin characterized by high resistance to ageing and optical properties which are comparable to those of natural resins. Because of its low molecular weight, it has low viscosity, excellent leveling capacity and high brightness, making it ideal as a varnish for panel and canvas paintings.


Insoluble in water, it is soluble in high- and medium-polarity solvents while with aliphatic solvents it is necessary to add small quantities of medium-polarity solvents.


Laropal A 81 has gained traction as a varnish for painting conservation in recent years. It is a stable, non-yellowing, adhehyde resin. It can be combined with other resins such as Paraloid series.


Laropal A81 resin has a relatively broad molecular weight distribution (polydispersibility) giving it a pleasant feel or ‘brushability’. When brushing it has enough viscosity to give a feeling of control while it easily spreads out evenly. Its major advantage is its relatively good leveling in a single application without the tendency to sink into matte areas of a painting.

The resin's very pale color and good pigment wetting are attributes that make it quite unique.

Its application is also excellent as a binder for pigments (it is the resin used in the varnish colours Gamblin Conservation Colors).



Semi transparent beads


Condensation product of urea and aliphatic aldehydes

Glass Transition Temperature(Τg):


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