A pale yellow natural resin from the alerce tree Callitris quadrivalvis that is native to Australia and from the sandarac tree Tetraclinis articulata that native to northern Africa.


Sandarac tears are hard and brittle with a white powdery surface due to oxidation.


It forms a clear, hard film that becomes darker and redder with age. Sandarac is composed primarily of polycommunic acid (~70%). Sandarac spirit varnishes dry quickly and have been used for retouching and metal coatings.


Soluble in ethanol, ether, acetone, amyl alcohol.


It is used in the manufacture of spirit varnishes, and, when dissolved in oil, to make cooked varnishes. It is also used in powdered form to clean vellum and to prepare it for writing purposes.



Melting Point:





1,08 gr/cm3

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