An acrylic based (methyl methacrylate copolymer) protective coating, (also contains corrosion inhibitors) designed especially for the protection of copper, brass and similar copper alloys. Suitable for interior or exterior use. Developed by INCRA (International Copper Research Association). With an excellent balance of hardness, adhesion and film toughness. Incralac is an air drying, clear, highly glossy lacquer. It has excellent resistance to UV light and resists yellowing and loss of gloss and clarity upon ageing. The applied film also provides excellent flexibility and resistance to cracking and flaking.


Incralac is formulated for application by brush or spray.

Apply 3-4 coats of Incralac, allowing to touch-dry for 15 minutes between coats. Air dry time is 10 minutes and hard dry time is 1 hour. Its coverage is approximately 7 square metres per litre at 13 microns, depending on the texture of the surface.

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