Pure, soft, thermoplastic resin, lightproof and age resistant.

It is suitable for varnish, consolidation of paint layers and lining of fine textiles.

For consolidation of paint and ground layers on paintings on canvas, a 5-10% solution in white spirit is used. After drying the resin, the painting can be flattened under light pressure and heat. When highly diluted it does not alter mat paint layers.

For consolidation of chalking paint layers on mural paintings a solution of 3-5% can be applied.

When it is used as an adhesive for lining fine textiles, a 10% solution in white spirit is either sprayed onto the lining fabric or onto both sides of an intermediate support. After drying of the resin, proceed with the lining at 45oC and under light pressure.





Butyl methacrylate at 40% solids in special boiling point spirit 100/140



Glass transition temperature (Tg):





Soluble in white spirit, thinner x, toluene, acetone, methoxypropanol.

Partially soluble in ethanol, isopropanol.

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