Hanwell have integrated 20 years of expertise in the design of data acquisition products, enabling users to seamlessly combine standalone dataloggers, radio telemetry and bus-based instrumentation for use by museums and galleries, large or small.


Our discreet instrumentation continuously and simultaneously manages humidifiers, dehumidifiers and heating systems as well as lux/uv and shock/tilt events, having developed data acquisition systems offering a total solution to many monitoring and data requirements.

A very high degree of flexibility and modularity in the design ensures that customisation and expansion of the system is fully supported. We have also made the redeployment of instrumentation effortless, understanding that clients' processes evolve with time.

An extensive range of data interfaces allow systems to be rapidly adapted for client-specific requirements:

  • Standalone
  • Bus-wired
  • Radio Telemetry
  • Structured Cabling
  • Modem Access via telephone network
  • Internet and email access


There is a choice either to accept data directly into a PC or use a Hanwell system controller to interpret and log data from the system. When the PC is connected and active the controller will act in a transparent manner. When a PC is unavailable the controller will automatically take over the logging tasks.


The function principle of the Radio Telemetry system is shown in the following diagram: