Ultrasonic bath with cleaning tank made of cavitation-resistant, easy to clean stainless steel, suitable for washing solutions based on water and detergents.

The standard performance features of Elmasonic S60H are:

  • High performance 37 kHz sandwich transducer systems.
  • Sweep function for an optimised sound field distribution in the cleaning liquid (indicated via sweep led).
  • Degas function for the efficient degassing of the cleaning liquid and for laboratory purposes (indicated via degas led). 
  • Auto degas function for automatic degassing cycles, i.e. with fresh cleaning liquids.
  • Dry-run protected heating.
  • Temperature-controlled ultrasonic operation: the cleaning process starts automatically when the set temperature is reached; the cleaning liquid is regularly mixed during the heating up so that the cleaning liquid is evenly heated.
  • Automatic mixing during heating-up period.
  • Plug-in mains supply.
  • Electronical turning knobs.
  • Display of both set values and actual values (temperature and cleaning period indications) via led settings.
  • Automatic switch-off after 12 h operation to prevent unintended permanent operation.
  • Key start/stop for ultrasonic operation and temperature-controlled operation. Ultrasonic led.
  • Splash-water-proof operating panel.
  • Plastic carrying handles for the safe transportation of the unit even with hot casing.  
  • Liquid drain duct dia 3/8'' on the back of the unit and turning knob for the draining of the tank.
  • Key on/off for switching the unit on and off; on/off led.
  • Filling line indicates the recommended maximum filling level. This level should not be exceeded even with cleaning items inside.
  • An adjustable timer fixed in the control panel, settles the cleaning period with setting options for short-period operation: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 10; 15; 20; 25; 30 min (with automatic switch-off) and permanent position ∞ for continued operation (Here the unit must be switched off by hand).
  • The temperature is set by a thermostat fixed in the control panel (temperature range variable in 5°C steps from 30° up to 80°C).
  • Protection class IP20.
  • In compliance with the CE marking criteria.

Technical data

Tank max volume (lt):

5,75 lt

External dimensions W x D x H:

365 mm x 186 mm x 264 mm

Tank dimensions W x D x H:

300 mm x 151 mm x 150 mm

Basket internal dimensions

W x D x H:


255 mm x 115 mm x 75 mm

Heating/ultrasonic power:

400/150 Watt


5,1 kg

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ULTRASONIC BATH ELMASONIC S60H-5.75 lt ULTRASONIC BATH ELMASONIC S60H-5.75 lt Add this item to the basket
ELMASONIC S60H BASKET ELMASONIC S60H BASKET Add this item to the basket