Corrosion intercept is a system which uses semi-conductor technology to transform plastic into a protective reactive barrier against corrosive gases, fungus and bacteria. It is comprised of highly reactive copper parcticles bonded into a polymer matrix. This matrix film forms a preferential corrosion site that reacts and neutralises all corrosive gases that pass through or come in contact with the film. Corrosion intercept bags provide a unique and effective protection for copper, silver, bronze, ferrous and non ferrous metals.


They have also been successfully used to protect photographic prints, films, textiles, paintings, books, and other works of art on paper. This inert material does not give off any harmful gases, is unaffected by moisture or temperature and it has a built in saturation indicator. When the copper colour turns black it is time to change the Intercept bag. The protection against corrosion is approximately 10 years per 25μm thickness of Intercept.

The use of Corrosion Intercept® protects from three kinds of corrosion:

  • "atmospheric" corrosion (corrosive gases)
  • "galvanic" corrosion (electromechanically processes of two different metals)
  • "biological" corrosion (dust and fungi)

It protects:

  • metals: copper, silver, brass, iron and nonferrous metals
  • CD's
  • photos and films
  • textiles (e.g. with silver threads...)

paintings (protection of pigments and silver leaf from hydrogen sulphide)



Corrosion Intercept consists of high surface area copper particles embedded in a polymer matrix.

Corrosive atmospheric gases are neutralized. It is statistically impossible for the gases to migrate through the film without reacting with one of the active corrosion sites. These gases are being permanently bound to the copper particles, the content is protected from corrosion.

The material is not harmful to health and is not affected by humidity or variation of temperature.

Intercept has an integrated saturation indicator. If the colour of the film is changing to grey the Intercept film has to be changed. The corrosion protection lasts about 10 years per 25 µ film thickness.

The material is environmentally safe and recyclable.


Advantages of Corrosion Intercept:

  • Protects, but remains translucent
  • Reacts with the corrosive gases and binds them permanently (gases like ozone, hydrogen sulphide and other sulphur-compounds, formaldehyde, chlorine-compounds, gaseous acids et al.)
  • Creates an impermeable barrier for corrosive gases, fungi and bacteria.
  • Intercept is not a VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), it doesn't liberate volatile chemicals
  • Corrosion Intercept leaves no residue on the wrapped objects
  • Long term stablity: Intercept with a thickness of 25 µm protects at least ten years
  • Integrated saturation indicator
  • Environmentally safe and recyclable




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