Product features

• Reliable paint remover with fast dissolving power

• Removes several layers of paint – high depth effect

• Pasty

• Long open time

• DCM-free

• Highly flammable!

• For indoor and outdoor use – only for application on small areas


Scope of application

• Wood, metal and solvent-resistant substrates

• Mineral substrates (masonry, clinker, concrete etc.)

• Concrete, purely mineral plasters


Technical limits


Not suitable for emulsion paints. Paint removal is not possible on plastics containing softening agents. In case of doubt check compatibility with the substrate before application. Thoroughly cover areas that are not be stripped.


Technical information

Density at 20°C: ca. 1,00 g/cm³

Colour: white

Odour typical smell

pH-value at 20°C: 6-7

Flash point:-1°C

Minimum processing temperature:10°C

Storage/shelf life: cool and dry in the closed original container for at least 24 months

Water hazard: WGK 1 (water hazard class)

Consumption: 250 ml/m² – 2 l/m2 (ca. 100 ml per paint/lacquer layer to be removed)



Blitz Fast Paint Remover dissolves reliably all common 2-component lacquers and 2-component adhesives based on epoxy, polyurethane acrylate. All common 1-component synthetic resin lacquers are dissolved very quickly. Blitz Fast Paint Remover is used on small areas indoors and outdoors.


Development of characteristics:

Blitz Fast Paint Remover dissolves the binding agent system of the paints to be removed. As a result, it can easily be pushed off or washed off.

In order to enable the full development of the dissolving properties, make sure that enough material has been applied. In case an insufficient amount of Blitz Fast Paint Remover has been applied, the surface becomes dry. In this case do not remove with water, but apply Blitz Fast Paint Remover again; the dissolving process is reactivated. The dissolved coatings should always be removed at the optimum time for dissolution (saving cleaning costs).


Disturbing influences:

Damp substrates, rain, draughts, high temperatures (above25°C), insufficient ventilation (natural, or with explosion-proof equipment) during application, insufficient application of material.


Supportive influences:

Cover the stained surfaces with a thin PE-film (not a must!); indoors, this significantly minimises the development of odours. Sufficiently long exposure time (test areas).

Due to the easy flammability, it is essential to ensure sufficient ventilation and the absence of ignition sources (e.g. electrical equipment). Remove or turn off possible ignition sources before application! Blitz Fast Paint Remover is not suitable for working on large surfaces due to its very low flash point. Mask plastic surfaces. Always ventilate interior areas well!


Exposure Time:

A few minutes, hours or several days (under foil).



Removal of dissolved coatings:


The removal of dissolved coatings should always be carried out directly at the optimum time for dissolving. The longer the already dissolved coatings remain on the substrate, the more the wash-off behaviour deteriorates, which may lead to longer cleaning times. The solvents penetrate deeper into the substrate on soft and open-pored substrates. The evaporation of the solvents from the substrate can therefore take several days.



Push off dissolved coatings with a spatula or surface pusher. The pushed off areas are then washed with water (preferably warm approx.40°C) with the addition of Scheidel UltraFix Intensive-Cleaning concentrate using a root brush or sponge. On wooden surfaces, a thick, round (and taped) brush with bristles approx.1 cmlong is best suited. Warm water (up to40°C) facilitates the rewashing. Finally, rinse again with clear cold water.








Viscous gel







Minimum processing temperature:

10 oC




1,3 dioxolane,

n-butyl acetate


anionic surfactants


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