For keeping constant the relative humidity in museum showcases up to2 m³.


Maintenance free without water tank.


PMCG II - Active microclimators for museum showcases


The PMCG II range of active microclimators is a novel way of keeping the humidity in museum cabinets constant. The functionality of PMCG II devices is based on solid state technology.


The big advantage over other devices is that the PMCG II units can run for many years without the need to fill or empty a water tank. After installing the unit, the humidity in the showcases will be kept constant for years without having to control the amount of water, add water or perform any other maintenance. Humidity values of <20% to 65% RH can be set at room temperatures from 0 ° C up to 40 ° C.


The PMCG II units have a modular structure: The main unit (master module) can be connected to numerous expansion units (slave modules) in order to achieve the necessary performance for the respective application. Due to this modular design, the customer pays only the really required capacity. The devices are extremely quiet (<19 dB), their power consumption is extremely low and they need no special ventilation.



There are two different models to choose from:


DD - only for dehumidification. DD units are the ideal solution for a very dry showcase climate (eg 17% rh) and if the humidity of the ambient air is always higher than the desired humidity in the showcase.


DH - suitable for dehumidification and humidification. DH devices can be used for all applications.


HH - only for humidification. HH devices are suitable for applications in which the desired humidity in the showcase is always higher than that of the ambient air.


Maximum showcase sizes of the individual models



Showcase volume (target value <25% rh)

Showcase volume (target value> 25% rh)


1.25 m³

2.25 m³


1.0 m³

1.75 m³


1.25 m³

2.25 m³


All data are based on the assumption of a densely built showcase with an air exchange rate of 0.1 per day. When using slave modules, care must be taken that they have the same mode as the master module (DD, HH or DH). However, different performance variants can be used together. The data in the table above are indicative only. Please contact us before opting for one of the models.


Installation / Operation


The device does not require constant monitoring. The device works without water in liquid form, so no water level has to be monitored, as is the case with other devices.


The PMCG II devices can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the display cabinet they are checking (eg in the display case base). The instrument is connected to the showcase by 2 tubes with20 mminner diameter. Apart from sufficient ventilation of the display case base or base cabinet, in which the PMCG II devices are housed, no further special features need to be considered.


The power supply is mains current 240 V / 50 Hz.


The time required for the PCMG to set a specific humidity value in a showcase depends on several factors in addition to the display cabinet size:


  • Humidity values <20% RH require more time than humidity values between 35-55%.
  • Volume and tightness of the showcase.
  • Humidity difference between showcase and ambient climate
  • Quantity of hygroscopic materials in the showcase. Large wood panels and the like can extend the time required drastically. Once the desired humidity is reached, the machine will be able to keep it stable.


The PMCG II can be used together with silica gel. As a result, the display cabinet climate remains constant even in the event of a power failure and also in the event of a device defect / or during maintenance breaks. The silica gel will be automatically adjusted to the desired moisture level over time by the PMCG II.



PMCG II master device

Humidity sensor with cable (1.8 m) and telephone plug3.5 mm

Power cord (1.8 m) with standard plug

Silicone air hose2 m

Air inlet socket with gasket

Wi-fi antenna

CD with user manual

Cloud monitoring:



user:           demo
password:  demo11


PMCG II User manual



Technical data



<20% - 60% rh



RH sensor accuracy




Operating conditions




Data transfer

SD card / Wlan



Power supply

100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.5A




30 W



Noise emission

< 19 dB




152 x 102 x268 mm(H x W x D)




1,6 kg




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